Tips-Press Release

Press Release is the Best Trustworthy Introduction

The word press release sounds unique, curious and interesting. A press release is a precise and short story that is written by public relation professional and distributed among members of media. It should contain necessary information such as when, how, where and what happened so that media members can write a proper story on their own. A press release ends with description of the organization that is issuing it with call to action.


Anyone can write press release

Yes you got it right, anyone can write press release. No matter what company you are running, small or large, you can get benefits from press release. Even though you don’t own a company, you can still write press release and get coverage in magazine, blog or any other publication.


Inexpensive way to boost company’s visibility

The only expense that you need to write a press release for your company is to hire a press release distribution service so that your story is delivered in hands of media persons. Moreover, it is also affordable choice as compared to costly paid advertisements.

When you are running your own business, press release informs your customers about your presence, what your business serve and why they need your company. In addition to this, over the passage of time journalists acknowledge you and you get media coverage making you one of the industry experts.


Link between SEO and press release

In today’s world of SEO marketing, press release can give direct as well as indirect value to your business. When press release link is appeared in the news section of search engine it will definitely give you organic website traffic and make people aware about your brand.

If you wish to write press release for the sake of SEO marketing then keyword selection and research should not be ignored. The press release you write must contain at least one targeted keyword. Do not overwrite the keywords. Embedding hyperlinks in your press release are considered as a source of increasing rankings and driving website traffic.


Get more customers

There is no doubt that press release is the trustworthy method to get more customers. Today majority of the people used to get online news and many of them might be your customers. This is how you can turn your press release into an advertisement to attract more customers for your business.

Press release can be used to attract investors as well. This is done by adding online newsroom to your website. Investors browsing through your website can become a source of your brand imaging.

Targeting a specific demographic has been made feasible with writing a press release. Once your press release is written, it reaches millions of people all over the world making more chances of promoting your business worldwide.

What are you waiting for? It is highly recommended for everyone to write his/her press release to get a trustworthy introduction for their business.