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My partner is a qualified, registered Patent Attorney and practicing for more than 7 years. And have already filed and drafted more than 100 patent, trademark and copyright cases in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe. Besides, we have also managed several prior art and patentability searches for individuals as well as for companies. We shall also be sending you an invention disclosure form and later other details which are important in drafting your specification for a patent, Trademark and Copyright application.

Services Offered ~
For filling and register online for your project the time period are as follows;

  1. Patent                             3-5 days
  2. Trademarks                    3-4 Days
  3. Copyrights                      4-7 Days
  4. Only application for Patent  3 days
NOTE: The charges for filing trademark, copyright and patent are different. Contact me by using the contact form below for more details. Thank you. 
Days will Deliver in... 7 Days
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