Create an 8 week content marketing media schedule for your blog / social media

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Do you want to build your online presence or brand ?

Do you know how to start ?

I will create a schedule that will tell you what to do every week, for 8 weeks (approx. 2 months)

I will create a schedule/calendar that includes:

  • Article titles
  • Blog commenting task
  • Summary content
  • Summary presentation
  • Press releases assignment
  • Video task
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Newsletter Release and Preparation

According to the schedule/calendar, all you will need to do is to create content according to the media plan and distribute it to your online network, including blog and social media.
Maintaining your brand and building an online presence is established in multiple ways. A schedule/calendar will help you to spread your brand on the Internet across various types of content that allows you to stay on track, **consistently**


All content is 100% unique and belongs to you. 

Days will Deliver in... 6 Days
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